Classical Guitar

Richard Faint has been playing and teaching classical guitar for the last 30 years, and has ong experience of playing in other styles including rock and jazz as well as composing in various genres.

On graduating from Edinburgh University, he became a guitar teacher in Glasgow schools, before re-locating to London to teach for the Inner London Education Authority in the early 80’s. After completing his teaching diploma in London,  he then taught privately and in evening classes for ten years.

He has studied with many well known players and teachers, attending Summer Schools run by John Duarte, and has studied with fellow Scot and international concert performer, David Russell.

He has also performed and recorded at many events and venues in the West of Scotland. He has since developed several music courses, with his guitar tutor now available on line at and maintains links with schools and colleges through various musical activities.

He has maintained a life-long commitment to education and development, through an interest in technology. He is a fellow of various professional institutes and a founding member of the eLearning Alliance Scotland, a body designed to promote the update of learning by technology means.

His current musical interests, apart from playing, include recording, production and developing web-based businesses. Richard is married with two children, and still lives in the West of Scotland despite the weather.

Richard Faint