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We are delighted that you are considering a purchase and  sure that you will regard this tutor as a great investment in your future musical development.  If you have any queries about the materials or the process of purchase - please do not hesitate to contact us through the form on the contact page.


The price of the course is only $39. You can be sure that your credit card details are secure. All purchases are handled by PayPal.  We do not see or receive your credit card details.  You get:

Units 1 and 2 -  The units are in pdf format (100 pages and 150 pages A4 pdf ) available via download from the members section after you receive a confirmation and password emailed to you when your payment has cleared. The pdfs can then be printed out or studied from your screen. (The approximate size of the pdfs are 8 Mbs and will download in a few minutes over broadband.)

Resources -  You gain access to the Members and resources site for one year. The videos and audio files are stored on the site and  indexed to the book (The approximate size of the audio files are 1-5 Mbs and the video 2 - 20 Mbs)


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Play Classical Guitar Units 1 & 2

Play Classical Guitar




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