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Play Classical Guitar

We are pleased to announce the publication of our proven and easy-to-follow instructional manual that teaches players of all levels the classical [or finger style] guitar.

‘Play Classical Guitar’ is a ‘step-by-step’ method, with accompanying audio and video. The key to the method is that you learn one thing at a time to achieve competence. Duets and ensemble type pieces are used from the outset in order to develop musicality as well for enjoyment.


Key Points

Welcome to ‘Play Classical


The method that teaches you so that you can teach yourself !



‘I have been playing guitar for about 5 years now, but I had reached a plateau, and started to I look round at all the guitar tutors on line.  What stood out for me in this course was the structured approach. You still have to work at it though, but it does deliver what it says it will do  – achieving a sound finger-style  technique, through an enjoyable process’

Jeff Dean – Austin, Txs